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© Illu Stration by Mary-Ann Williams

Plissee Onepiece Laptop Bag 100% woolfelt

Green Good Design Award 2009 * Nominee German Design Award


"South African born Mary-Ann Williams has been creating felt objects including home accessories, bags, and most notably hats throughout her career as a designer. Starting with her own fashion collection and then developing textiles in the high end sector of interior design, it was only natural that she would gravitate towards felt, a fully biodegradable, naturally water repellent, easy cleaned material as her medium of choice. Her Plissee Laptop Bag is the perfect marriage of form and function and the looped felt serves not only to create a individual look, but creates perfect shock absorption. The vertical loops also stabilize each other making the bag useful as a tray and the spaces between them allow for ventilation to prevent overheating. The bag is available in 12", 15", 17" and other custom sizes and includes an accessory bag for your mouse and cables. Check her site for pricing and color availability. (...) this unique bag definitely stands out among the masses!"

CORE77: Super cute laptop bag that actually works

"Soft goods designer Mary-Ann Williams creates a plethora of intriguing tactile goods including carpets, bowls, furniture, housewares and bags, mostly made of wool felt. Her Plisee laptop bag design falls into a genre that barely exists-- where craftiness meets innovative function, resulting in a cute product that actually does something besides look cute. The looped felt is stacked on edge, not only providing excellent shock absorption, but also creating a flat, rigid base surface for the laptop when in use. They are available in a range of colors and in various sizes for PCs and Macs."

GEN ART PULSE: So Much Cooler Than Your Powerbook

"We think we might have been introduced to the most exceptional laptop bag ever created. (...) Mary-Ann Williams' Plissee Laptop Bag provides impact production and ventilation, while looking like a Blade Runner prop. Made of scrunchy wool this little laptop bag has caught our eye and will surely catch everyone else's too. Head to the site and check out her other wares from bags to CD boxes. Williams' is stand out designer. Keep your eye on her."

PCMAG.COM: TOP 10 Outrageous Laptop Bags

"A laptop bag made of wool? It could come in handy for the winter. The Plissee One Piece Laptop Bag, designed by South African-born Mary-Ann Williams, is made from 100-percent pure wool. It's shock absorbing, biodegradable and accommodates 12-, 15-, and 17-inch laptops. It's available in many colors and made to order"

© Illu Stration by Mary-Ann Williams

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