Felt + Leather Dining Filz + Leder Tischaccessoires

Felt has got a bad reputation when it comes to table accessories.
In my collection you will find that some of my designs are machine and hand washable, which is a big step towards ecological thoughts which therefore hinges in particular the idea of durability and hygienics.
Even if wool has an antibacterial action we still need to remove ugly stains or dirt. Please take note! Not all felts are washable - no matter what others say.
... It's always an advantage to see beyond one's own nose. Only good products possess their very own expressive powers, otherwise they would not be that good and timeless...
P.S.: Another meaning of felt in German is corruption. Think about it!

.... Mary-Ann

© Illu Stration by Mary-Ann Williams

Delicious Monster Felt Doily (Tablemat)

inspired by... Philodendron
a remembrance of this beautiful lace heart shaped leaf from my childhood in Cape Town,
in the loving memory of so many loved ones.

© Illu Stration by Mary-Ann Williams

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