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Times are changing and for me it is important to keep on doing new things.
In the product gallery there are a few artistic pieces to manipulate three-dimensional spaces with perfect acoustic sound dampening properties and to light up your life.

Feel the visual emotion of warm hearted felt lighting. Some of the lights can be made in different shapes and sizes. Prices on request.

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© Illu Stration by Mary-Ann Williams

Buddha Acoustic Temple Of Heaven Pendant Lamp

Chicago Good Design Award * Nominee German Design Award

This modular lamp is available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, formable and extendable (tool-free). Absolutely unique without internal support.
The 3-D structural voluminous acoustic lamp is perfect for all sizes of rooms, large rooms, hotels, bars and other living spaces.
It spreads a wonderful diffused light with energy saving bulbs. Buddha Acoustic is available as floor/table light and height adjustable pendant.
Buddha Acoustic is made out of a tear resistant paper-like flame resistant material fully recyclable (on request also available in felt). Damaged or dirty pieces can be replaced without any tools and it is easy to clean.
Available in smaller sizes as pendant, surface and any other sizes.
Please ask for sizes and pricing information or visit our onlineshop.

P.S.: It looks fantastic - ON and OFF

© Illu Stration by Mary-Ann Williams

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