Felt 3D Acoustic Flokati Modular Artisan WallPanels Filz 3D Akustik Flokati Modulare Couture Wandpaneele

Bespoke Wall Coverings / Wall Panels / Wall Hangings

Acoustic Art: These sculptural Panels and 3D surfaces truly enchant and seduce our senses. Playful minimalism is important to bring out the atmosphere and the feel of the material in our everyday life. My designs objects speak to our senses in many different ways. My objects are like humans that have skins, fingers, organs and memories. It is a passionate dialogue, a perfect relationship between a beautiful object and its owner. The sculptural Wall/Ceiling Panels are more than just functional - they are absorbing sound and bring structures to living spaces, diffusing a message. Each topography has perfect acoustic properties. No more panels that look like a Rubber Room in a Madhouse. Let's start the Jam Session.... Mary-Ann

Bespoke Acoustic Wall Art + Ceiling Art Felt Design

A piece of art and sound killer at the same time: All our Acoustuc Wall Art with its 3-dimensional sculptural appearance made out of wool felt (100% wool) does not only look good, it also has perfect sound absorbing properties. As the used material is eco-friendly and naturally fire retardant it finds its way into private, commercial as well as public spaces like theatres, sound studios, bars, hotels, offices, conference rooms...
Materials such as glass, steel, concrete and other rigid materials prevail in modern architecture. As those materials strongly reflect sounds, modification to optimize the room's acoustics are essential in order to improve noise conditions. Bad acoustics can cause stress symptoms and even weaken productivity.
Acoustic Wall Art panels muffle background noises and make sound quality clearer. It will decline stress symptoms due to both acoustic improvement as well as attractive appearance and in consequence will increase productivity.
All our WallPanels are bespoke designs and can be ordered in any size, shape and a wide variety of colours. Bespoke Acoustic Wall Art is art that is created to meet specific design criteria: Form, function, color, durability and sustainability.
The uniquness about our sculptural Wall Panels is that they are handmade without glueing and stiching. Therefore damaged elements can be renewed without tools.
An extraordinary 3D Felt Acoustic-Design
Different colors, shapes and sizes; prices on request!

100% Pure New Wool / Woolfelt

Filz Akustik Wandkunst + Deckenkunst Design

Ein Kunstwerk und Soundkiller zugleich: Alle unsere Wandpaneele/Deckenpaneele mit ihren 3-dimensionalen skulpturalen Erscheinungen, hergestellt aus weichem reinem Wollfilz (100% Wolle) von höchster Qualität, sehen nicht nur gut aus, sondern haben auch perfekte Schall absorbierende Eigenschaften. Die verwendeten Materialien sind umweltfreundlich und die natürliche Schwerentflammbarkeit ermöglicht einen breiten Einsatzbereich vom Wohn- bis hin zum Objektbereich.
Materialien wie Glas, Stahl, Beton und ähnlich harte Oberflächen nehmen in der modernen Architektur zu. Da diese Oberflächen Schall reflektieren, sind Modifikationen zur Verbesserung der Raumakustik nötig. Eine schlechte Akustik kann Stresssymptome verursachen und die Produktivität beeinträchtigen.
Acoustic Wall Art Paneele unterdrücken Hintergrundgeräusche und sorgen dafür, dass sich die Klangqualität verbessert. Sie lindern Stresssymptome, da sie sowohl für akustische Verbesserung sorgen, als auch durch ihre attraktive Erscheinung für Entspannung sorgen und in deren Konsequenz die Produktivität steigern.
Unsere Wandpaneele werden auf Maß; gefertigt und können in allen Größen, Formen und einer großen Auswahl von Farben bestellt werden.
Acoustic Wall Art ist Kunst, inspiriert um spezielle Design-Kriterien zu erfüllen: Form, Funktion, Farben, Haltbarkeit, Reparaturfähigkeit und Nachhaltigkeit.
Die Einzigartigkeit besteht darin, dass die skulpturalen Wandpaneele ohne eine Naht zu nähen und ohne Verklebung in Handarbeit gefertigt werden. Beschädigte oder stark verschmutzte Elemente können ohne Werkzeug ausgetauscht werden.
Ein einzigartiges 3D Filz Akustik-Design
Verschiedene Farben, Formen, Größen sind möglich; Preise auf Anfrage!

Reine Schurwolle / 100% Wollfilz

© Illu Stration by Mary-Ann Williams

Cappelletti Deluxe Felt Acoustic WallPanel Cappelletti Deluxe Schallschluckendes Filz-Akustik-Wandpaneel

Chicago Good Design Award + German Design Award Nominee

Merino woolfelt
also available in Leather

Bespoke pricing, sizing and colors and color mixtures via ContactForm

© Illu Stration by Mary-Ann Williams

Cappelletti Reg Sound Absorbing Felt Modules Cappelletti Reg Schallschluckende Akustik-Filz-Module

Chicago Good Design Award 2007 + German Design Award Nominee

100% merino woolfelt
also available in Leather

Available in many different sizes and colours

Inquiry can be placed via Contact

© Illu Stration by Mary-Ann Williams

Conchigli Mo•dul³ Acoustic Wall Panel/Covering - Rugs – DesignScreen - Lighting...

Chicago Green Good Design Award 2017
100% pure new wool
also available in Leather and LeatherFelt

© Illu Stration by Mary-Ann Williams

Cappelletti D Acoustic Felt Wall Panel

Chicago Good Design Award * Nominee German Design Award

© Illu Stration by Mary-Ann Williams

Lotus Flower Modular Felt Acoustic Wall Panel

Chicago Good Design Award 2008 * Nominee German Design Award 2010
Permanent Installation @ Museum of Applied Arts Frankfurt

© Illu Stration by Mary-Ann Williams

StarShadow Acoustic Collection Design Screen, Curtain

Lightweight PaperFelt to indulge your senses with sound dampening properties

Bespoke pricing + sizing ...via contactbox

© Illu Stration by Mary-Ann Williams

Origami 3D Mesh Felt Acoustic Room Divider, Curtain, Rack, Paravent, Storage, Design Screen

- Any Size: strips can be added, removed or opened where needed -
- Extendable and expendable -
- Available with a curtain rail or iron tube -
- other variations: Origami Onepiece and Origami (1+3) -
- Perfect acoustic properties -
- Felt, aluminium or stainless steel -
- 100% woolfelt - 100% Wollfilz -

© Illu Stration by Mary-Ann Williams

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