Leather Flokati Modular + Leather Modular Rugs Leder Flokati Modul + Leder Modul Teppiche

Flokati and plain leather rugs.

The leather rugs are a High-End interior lawn in hyper-real form. Tactile keyboards for our senses. Inspired by nature, my life and the love for structures and patterns of different cultures. Cappelletti, Pappardelle, Tagliatelle and Maltagliati were inspired by my love for pasta, Oak Leaves by autumn confetti, Sconcigli by my heart-felt Clifton Beach in Cape Town. IvyEfeu, the heart shape leaf hugging walls and trees around my home. Buddha Temple of Heaven and Lotus Flower the spiritual value and the color of life. The Bierfilz Modular Collection by a beermat and sacred geometry of religious or cultural value. There's so much to share but no more space. So let's take a walk in my wonderland. Invented by The Queen of Felt.

Love it or hate it ... Mary-Ann

Leather Flokati Modular + Leather Modular Rugs

Leder Flokati Modul + Leder Modul Teppiche

* are bespoke designs *
* are the originals *
* can be cleaned easily *
* are easy to repair, as single pieces can be replaced *
* without glueing and stitching *
* can be changed in color, as single pieces can be replaced *
* are made of highest quality leathers *
* are 3D textured *
* highest material quality *
* highest standards of sustainability *

100% woolfelt

100% Wollfilz

© Illu Stration by Mary-Ann Williams

Sconcigli Uno Leather Rug

Inspired by.....
Sconcigli Uno leather rug is named after a seashell-shaped pasta and inspired by seashells and the decorative appearance of Sconcigli was inspired by the actual seashell and the sensation of lying on a seashell beach.
This unique design has been translated into a carpet.
What makes it unique is that it is made without stitching, tools or glueing, as well as it is 100% eco friendly.
Dirty or damaged pieces can be replaced.
Sconcigli can be made in any size, any shape, any color and has perfect sound dampening properties.

* Chicago Good Design Award
* IF Material Award
* ID-Magazine Award
* Wallpaper Best of imm Cologne

© Illu Stration by Mary-Ann Williams

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