Plissee Origami Bamboo Felt Acousic  # Filz Akustik
Plissee Origami Bamboo Felt Acoustic Panel # Filz Akustik Paneele

Plissee Origami Bamboo Felt Acoustic Panels # Filz Akustik Paneele


Product Description

Filz Akustik Absorber Paneele Plissee Bamboo
Felt Acoustic Sound Absorbing Panels Plissee Bamboo…..

…..Inspired by Mary-Ann Williams’s earlier work in high-end fashion, this sumptuously piece of art and sound killer with it’s 3-dimensional sculptural appearance lifts Fashion Design up into an Interior Design dimension creating a wonderful atmosphere for our well-being with a touch of glamour despite that the design is so very easy and simple!

Plissee’s 3D sculptural appearance is completely made from natural (renewable) materials without any harmful substances, naturally filter pollutants with perfect sound absorbing properties, flame-retardant and is fully biodegradable.

It will muffle background noises making sound quality clearer and will decline stress symptoms due to both acoustic improvement as well as attractive appearance and in consequence will increase productivity.

The unique flexible hanging system makes it easy to install on walls and suspended from ceilings.

* Available in many different (bespoke) sizes + minimum of 2 qm per panel in over 30 colors.

* All panels, no matter which size, can be hung up in any direction whether landscape or upright.

* Please send inquiry stating size + color (Available in over 30) + quantity via contact form.

* 3mm Merino Woolfelt + veiled frame.

* Please click on Colors to see Color Palettes simple + melange felt.

* HandCrafted in Germany.

* As already mentioned in a piece of felt fabric alone is not Acoustic. Everything in felt is nowadays called acoustic:). It is sometimes an advantage to look beyond the end of your nose. Remember a million flies can’t be wrong eat …..! The Humans Are Such A Stupid Species.

* This design will be Hand Made due to your special choice (bespoke). No cancellation.

* Please calculate ca. 3-4 weeks lead-time.


Additional Information


Wall Panel, Suspended Panel

Colors + Pricing

On request!


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